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Warm Weather Policy


Warm Weather Policy – Tenby Primary School

During the warmer months, and especially with the very hot weather we are currently experiencing, we do expect all children to come to school with an appropriate sun hat, labelled with their name. Please also ensure that long lasting sun cream is applied before your son or daughter comes to school, so that they are protected during breaktimes throughout the day. We will allow Junior children (Year 3 upwards) to bring sun cream in their bags if they can apply it themselves, but this would not be necessary if you are able to put some on first thing in the morning. Staff members will not apply sun cream for pupils. Water is provided for children throughout the day in the Foundation Phase, but we do ask that children from Year 2 upwards bring their own water bottles that can be filled from our water coolers during the day. Many thanks for helping us to look after your little ones!