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Uniform information

Daily Uniform

Grey trousers, grey pinafore dresses/skirts or blue gingham dresses are available from supermarkets and other local shops, while badged white polos, royal blue cardigans and jumpers should be purchased from 'Tees R Us' at New Hedges. Coats complete with the school logo are also available from these suppliers at a very reasonable cost. Badged coats are encouraged but not expected. We would be grateful if you could also purchase a home-school bag from these suppliers, so that books can be maintained and any communication sent home securely.


PE Uniform

Every child new to our school will be assigned to one of four school ‘houses’. Once you are told of your child’s house, we would also be grateful if you could buy a coloured house t-shirt, again complete with the school logo, to be used during all PE lessons. Black or navy blue shorts, jogging bottoms or cycle shorts are to be worn with the t-shirts for PE, along with a sturdy pair of trainers.



Finally, the governing body would very much like to encourage the children to wear black school shoes every day, rather than colourful trainers that can detract from the otherwise smart impression created by their uniform.