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Welcome to our School


Welcome to all our parents, guardians and new families.


What is the PFA?


On behalf of Tenby Primary School Parents and Friends Association (‘the PFA’), we would like to welcome you to the school community.  As a parent, you are already a member of the PFA, but how much you get involved is entirely up to you and will also depend on the time you are able to offer. We hope that what follows will give you a good idea of our aims and introduce you to what we hope you'll find to be quite a fun and sociable way of being involved in school life. The PFA will work closely with the school, with teachers supporting and parents contributing to daily life at school. This includes volunteering and offering practical help for school events such as the Christmas concert.  Working together will help maximise the benefits for all.


What does the PFA do?


The PFA exists to raise funds to supplement the school budget, paying for extras that the school might otherwise find difficult to afford. This will never be more important than in the first years of the new school, where furniture and IT equipment in particular needs to be supplemented and in some cases replaced. We will support regular fundraising events at school. We also hope to gain many 'Friends' who might also arrange a more 'social' fund-raiser at least once each year. Everyone is welcome!


How will money be spent?


In consultation with the Headteacher, the money raised will be spent where it is most needed and for the benefit of all the children. This might be for furniture, computers, playground equipment, to cover the costs of visitors or trips, and for many other 'visible' items that the school needs.


How can I help?


We will always be grateful for volunteers interested in helping out. You can help simply by giving your time (for example, manning stalls at functions, organising events, serving teas, baking cakes, making arrangements at our infrequent meetings); by supporting events (attending or sponsoring, donating raffle prizes/cakes etc.); offering your skills and ideas (maybe there is something you particularly enjoy doing or can offer because of your line of work.)  However you feel able to support the school, we will be very grateful, and it all makes a difference to our children.


We will need to establish an informal committee who can coordinate with staff to organise the events and fundraisers. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions. However, what we have found works best is to invite everyone to offer to help with the activities they enjoy, and so we will regularly send out requests through PFA or school newsletters asking for volunteers.


When does the PFA meet?


We will have meetings at least once each term, but sometimes more if an event needs to be organised. These will take place at school at a time most convenient for the majority. If you would like to offer your help or just find out a little more about school life please come along to one of our meetings. We look forward to seeing you!


Best wishes from Tenby CIWVC Primary School PFA