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Tropical Fish


Welcome to Tropical Fish class


Class teachers - Mrs Park- Davies and Mrs Evans

Classroom support assistants - Mrs Brace and Miss Beynon



During the Summer term, we will be focusing on the Olympics and the history behind it, as well as a large focus on health and well-being and why keeping fit is beneficial to us both physically and mentally.


We will also be carrying out a range of science investigations where we will look at the cognitive benefits of exercise, as well as those for our mental health and well-being; whether arm and leg length has an effect on how far we can throw and jump and we will also look at lung capacities to name but a few. 


We will consider when, how and why the Olympics were introduced and the history behind it.  As well as this we will learn about Myths and Legends and will study the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.  


As well as this, we have chosen a country, ours being Brazil where we will have to try our best to persuade the Governing body why our country should win the bid to host the next Olympic games. As part of this project, we will work in groups to design and make new Olympic mascots, medals, torches and logos. We will then present our pitch to the Governors and hopefully will be the next hosts for our school Olympic games. 


The opportunities are endless for this topic and we are so excited to learn lots of interesting things over the coming weeks.  We hope your children enjoy too!


Our weekly routines at present are as follow:

  • Start time is 9:20 am and we finish at 3:20pm. 
  • Children are allowed to bring their scooter to school on a Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy during their break time. 
  • Wednesday's are always our outdoor games lessons.  The children will need to bring their P.E kit with them every week, regardless of the weather. 


Pupils will have a number of usernames and passwords for different services we provide at school. Some of these passwords will be needed to access these services at home too - please ask your child if they have their passwords for the following:

  •  Hwb
  •  RM Maths
  •  Lexia (selected pupils)
  • Big Maths


We would be very grateful if the children could bring their reading book with them every day in order for us to read with them regularly during the school week. 


 You are invited to join the 'Tropical Fish' Class Dojo account - please enquire at school for further information.


We hope the children enjoy their time in Year 4!


Mrs Park- Davies and Mrs Evans