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If pupils are unable to attend school for any reason, we would like to remind you that they are still able to access work using a variety of online platforms for which they have been issued passwords.  See below...…..


We ask for ALL pupils to read out loud to an adult daily, with an opportunity to discuss what has been read.


Daily guidance for use of online platforms / websites:  We would ask for pupils to complete a minimum of 30 minutes daily on each of the personalised websites listed below.  For younger pupils, this could be split over two sessions.


Parents can contact class teachers directly using the Class Dojo app (which teachers invite all parents to join at the beginning of the academic year).  




RM EasiMaths

Every pupil in our school has been provided with a username and password for a personal account to use RM Easimaths online. This is a very powerful, personalised learning tool that will use continued assessment to provide individual, level-specific challenges appropriate for the pupil. This can be completed daily with no maximum time assigned. 


* Important Note: Unfortunately, if you do not already have the app installed on an iPad then there is no way to use this on an iPad.  It can be used on a windows machine with Flash enabled, or on an Android tablet using the Puffin Academy app.  We appreciate that this is not ideal, but would encourage you to do your best to find a way to get your child regular access if at all possible as this is a really powerful learning tool.



Selected pupils have access to Lexia - an online literacy platform which is designed to improve literacy skills and reading comprehension. If your child is eligible to access their service then they should aim to complete the challenges daily. Usernames and passwords have also been sent home with children where appropriate. 


TimesTable Rockstars (TTR)

Many of our pupils use the online timestables platform to provide a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. It is most beneficial for all pupils to use the platform as much as possible. Usernames and passwords have been issued for home use. 


Online Learning Portal - Hwb

All pupils have access to the online learning portal for Wales - Hwb. We have sent home usernames and passwords so pupils and families can access the range of learning tools and resources as and when required.


Each class have made their own arrangements which include the use of Hwb classes, J2E and Microsoft Teams. Please check specific details with the class teacher if you are unsure. 



*** Please use the guidance sheets and videos to help your child access the work provided in J2E ***

Video Guide:  Logging into Hwb and J2e

Video Guide:  Uploading images of non-digital work to J2e

Additional Websites


We recommend the following websites if you would like to find additional resources to support your child's learning at home:

Daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks at 9am every weekday morning.  A great way to start the day - with energy and motivation (for all ages.....even grown ups!).

A selection of literacy and numeracy based games that are highly effective at developing skills across the curriculum!
A wide range of activities  and guides for both pupils and parents. Free access is being offered during the school closure period!

Carol Vorderman's maths learning website, with daily maths videos with printable worksheets, games and rewards.  Free access being offered during the school closure period.

'Elevenses'- Every dat at 11a, you can listen to one of David Walliams' Worlds Worst Children sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

Dr Chip's Daily Dose of Science, Engineering and Computing activities to try at home.  Live every day at 10am with a new idea - there is a timetable for each week, so you can see the week ahead.  You can also look up 'Past Doses'.  Some great activities that you can carry out with resources you could find around the house.