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Week 6

Week 5 and 6


Oes … gyda ti? 

Have you got...? 


Oes/ Nac oes. 

Yes/ No


For example: 

Oes siwmper gyda ti? 

Have you got a jumper?

Oes mae siwmper gyda fi. 

Yes, I've got a jumper. 


Oes treinyrs gyda ti? 

Have you got trainers? 

Nac oes, does dim treinyrs gyda fi.

No, I haven't got any trainers. 


Oes anifail anwes gyda ti? 

Have you got a pet? 

Oes, mae anifail anwes gyda fi.  Mae ci a chath gyda fi. 

Yes I have pets.  I have a dog and a cat. 

Nac oes, does dim anifail anwes gyda fi. 

No, I don't have any pets.