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Come and meet the staff at our school!



Mr John Palmer


Deputy Headteacher and Year 6 Class teacher

Mr Michael Scale


Foundation Phase Leader and Year 2 Class teacher

Miss Lisa Davies


Senior Leader and Year 4/5 Class teacher

Mrs Lisa McSweeney


Tiny Treasures Playgroup Leader

Mrs Rebecca Dilks


Creative Tots Parent and Toddler Group Leader

Mrs Katie Heywood


Playgroup Assistants

Mrs Sally Jenkins

Mrs Alex Nicholas

Mrs Sharon Davies

Mrs Katie Heywood


Other Class Teachers

Mrs Sophie Oeppen (Nursery)

Sarah Phillips (Reception)

Mrs Nan Dowell (Reception and Year 1)

Mrs Angharad Hayes (Year 1 and 2)

Mrs Miranda Davies (Year 3)

Mrs Olivia Park-Davies (Year 3/4) Mr Tom Davies until June 2019

Miss Sheridan Redford (Year 5)


Teacher in Charge of Learning Resource Centre

Mrs Lisa Kelly


Additional Learning Needs Coordinator

Mrs Sarah Waring


Support for Additional Learning Needs

Mrs Jill Jones


Teaching Cover for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Time

Mrs Rebecca D'Ortez

Miss Abigail Jones (from January 2019)


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Sally Hughes

Miss Tracey Jones

Mrs Jennifer Walker

Mrs Tracey Sayers

Mrs Amie Duffy

Mrs Rachel Batchelor

Mrs Georgina Ormond

Mrs Gillian Butler

Mrs Virginia Amos

Mrs Deborah Sheldon

Mrs Donna Brace

Mrs Cari Beynon

Mr David Griffiths

Miss Diana Vickery


Admin. Manager

Mrs Kath Palin


Admin. Support

Mrs Michelle Cox


Breakfast Club Supervisors

Miss Sarah Duffy

Mrs Gillian Butler

Mrs Rachel Batchelor

Mrs Tracey Sayers

Mrs Gillian Ormond

Mrs Virginia Amos


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Helen Mayhew

Miss Melanie Lewis

Mrs Sharon Davies

Mrs Elizabeth Lyttle

Mrs Virginia Amos

Mrs Rachel Batchelor

Mrs Gillian Butler

Mrs Rebecca Salisbury

Mrs Sally Hughes

Mrs Tracey Pritchard


After School Club Supervisors

Miss Tracy Jones

Mrs Donna Brace

Mrs Sally Hughes

Mrs Sharon Davies (relief)



Mr Christopher Scowcroft



Miss Sarah Duffy

Mrs Sharon Wostenholme

Mrs Heidi Limb

Mrs Dawn Matthews

Miss Amie Duffy

Mrs Rachel Batchelor


Road Crossing Officers

Mrs Sharon Wolstenholme

Mrs Andrea Boughton


School Cook

Mrs Lisa Roberts


Assistant Cooks

Mrs Stephanie Stephens

Mrs Mandy Phillips

Mrs Julie Davies